Bosque County, Texas

Bosque County (pronounced Bos-KEE), located in Central Texas, is surrounded by Erath and Somervell counties to the north, Johnson and Hill counties to the east, McLennan and Coryell counties to the south, and Hamilton County to the west. The county seat, Meridian, is located in the center of the county about 60 miles south of Dallas–Fort Worth and about 40 miles north of Waco.

Cities, Towns & Townships

Cedron | Clifton | Cranfills Gap | Hollis Prairie | Iredell | Meridian – county seat | Morgan | Norse | Rock Springs | Steiner (Fowler) | Valley Mills | Walnut Springs


Bosque County was officially formed in February 1854 from McLennan County. Soon a site was chosen at which to locate the county seat; the town of Meridian in the center of the county. Town lots were sold at a public auction on the Fourth of July 1854. Soon thereafter, the first courthouse, a one-story log cabin, was erected in the middle of town. Norwegian immigrants began to move to the area. Ole Canuteson, the first, believed that the land was much like that in Norway. The state of Texas offered 320 acres to each family that would settle in the new county, and the Norwegians took advantage of the offer. Cleng Peerson, the “father” of Norwegian immigration to America, led the settlers to the region. The bulk of them settled in a triangular area bound by the present-day towns of Clifton, Norse, and Cranfills Gap. Peerson was sixty-seven years old when he moved to Bosque County, and he lived the remainder of his life in the area. Many descendants of the Canutesons, Ringnesses, Dahls, Questads, and other Norwegian settlers still live in Bosque County. The first county election took place on August 7, 1854. The turnout was small, but county officials were chosen and the local government began to function.

Bosque County Courthouse, built in 1886, the current courthouse. The building has been remodeled and restored.

County Histories

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Bosquerama, 1854–1954: Centennial Celebration of Bosque County, Texas, 1954.

A History of Bosque County, 1954, William C. Pool.

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Bosque County has been home to four courthouses, all located in Meridian. The fourth and current courthouse was built in 1886, remodeled in 1935 to a modern building, and restored in 2007 to its original grandeur.


Meridian, TX 31° 55′ 23.5524″ N, 97° 39′ 24.0804″ W

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