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Cottle County History 1922. Cottle County was created August 21, 1876, and was organized January 11, 1892. In 1880 only twenty-four inhabitants were enumerated as residents of the county. Population in 1890 was 240 ; in 1900, 1,002 ; in 1910, 4,396, and in 1920, 6,901. Paducah, which was established as the county seat, had a population in 1910 of 1,350.

Cottle County. Created in 1876, organized in 1892, in area where the Pease and Little Wichita Rivers break level terrain. Named for George Washington Cottle (1798-1836), an 1832 settler in DeWitt's Colony, who after fighting in 1835 Battle of Gonzales entered the Alamo March 1, 1836, and died there defending Texas. Of the 254 counties, 42 bear Indian, French or Spanish names. 10 honor such colonizers as Stephen F. Austin, "Father of Texas." 12 were named for Washington, Clay and other American patriots. 96 were named for men who fought in the Texas War for Independence (15, including Cottle, dying at the Alamo), signed the Declaration of Independence or served as statesmen in the Republic of Texas. 23 have names of frontiersmen and pioneers. 11 honor American Statesmen who worked for the annexation of Texas; 10 leaders in Texas since statehood, including jurists, ministers, educators, historians, statesman; and 36 men prominent in the Confederacy during the Civil War. 8 have geographical names. 2 were named for battles, 2 for trees, one for a fort. Cottle is noted for fine farms and ranches, with Paducah the principal market and shipping point.


Paducah, TX 34° 0' 44.2836" N, 100° 18' 7.4124" W

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