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Created in 1887. Organized 1893, with Garden City county seat. Named for George W. Glasscock (1810-68), flatboating partner of Abraham Lincoln in Illinois. Came to Texas 1834 and fought 1835-36 in the War for Independence from Mexico. Built first Central Texas flour mill, Williamson County. Georgetown was named for him. Was in Texas Legislature, 1864- 68. Of the 254 Texas counties, 42 bear Indian, French or Spanish names. 10 honor such colonizers as Stephen F. Austin, “Father of Texas”. 12 were named for Washington, Clay, and other American patriots. 96 were named for men like Glasscock who fought in the Texas War for Independence (15 dying at the Alamo), signed the Declaration of Independence, or served as statesmen in the Republic of Texas. 23 have the names of frontiersmen and pioneers. 11 honor American statesmen who worked for the annexation of Texas; 10, leaders in Texas since statehood, including jurists, ministers, educators, historians, statesmen; and 36, men prominent in the Confederacy during the Civil War. Midland and 8 others have geographical names. San Jacinto and Val Verde were named for battles. Live Oak and Orange for trees, and Mason for a Fort. – Historical marker text. Marker erected 1964. Located on the Courthouse grounds, FM 158, Garden City.

Glasscock County History 1922. Glasscock County. Lying at the foot of the Plains region of West Texas and originally a part of Tom Green County, Glasscock County was created April 4, 1887, but the county government was not organized until March 28, 1893. It was named in honor of George W. Glasscock, a participant in the Texas Revolution and a prominent citizen of Williamson County.


Glasscock county has been home to two courthouses. The current courthouse is over 100 years old.


Garden City, TX 31° 51′ 50.04″ N, 101° 28′ 52.32″ W

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