Moore County, Texas

Moore County is located in the north central part of the Panhandle of Texas, bordered by Sherman County on the north, Hutchinson County on the east, Carson County on the southeast, Potter County on the south, Oldham County on the southwest and Hartley County on the west.

Cities, Towns & Communities

Cactus | Dumas – county seat | Fritch | Sunray | Masterson


Moore County. The founding of the town of Dumas by Louis Dumas and the Panhandle Townsite Company in 1890 encouraged county organization. As a result, Moore County was organized with Dumas as the county seat following an election held on July 5, 1892. By 1900 there were fifty-seven ranches and farms in the county, encompassing about 115,500 acres, and the United States agricultural census reported 6,885 cattle and 300 sheep. Only 1,708 acres were classified as “improved,” and only forty-two were devoted to corn, at that time the county’s most important crop. The county population grew from 15 to 209 between 1890 and 1900.

Moore County History 1922. Organized July 6, 1892, Moore County in 1890 had a population of 15; in 1900, 209 ; in 1910, 561, and in 1920, 571. That the county has not yet attracted settlers in any considerable numbers is chiefly due to the lack of transportation. The county seat and chief town of the county is Dumas.

County & Town Histories

The Windswept Land: A History of Moore City, 1967 by Myrna Tryon Thomas.


Moore County had two courthouses. The first one was built in 1893. The current courthouse was built in 1930.


Dumas, TX 35° 51′ 56.142″ N, 101° 58′ 23.646″ W

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