Mitchell County

Mitchell County, located in the prairie of west central Texas, is surrounded on the east by Nolan County, on the south by Sterling County and Coke County, on the west by Howard County, and on the north by Scurry County. Colorado City, the largest town, is in the northeastern part of the county, roughly 229 miles west of Fort Worth.

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As a result of population growth in the late 1870s, elections were held on January 10, 1881, to organize Mitchell County. Colorado City was chosen the county seat, and J. R. Dobbins became the first county judge. A. W. Dunn, generally known as the “father” of Colorado City because he owned the first store there, became the first county treasurer. During the settlement period merchants and traders also occupied the county, anticipating the construction of a railroad through the area. In the early 1880s the Texas and Pacific Railway was built through the county to Colorado City, and by April 16, 1881, the day the first train arrived, that town’s population had reached 300. By 1882 four railroad stations had been established in the county. The railroad led to an instant boom in Colorado City; between 1881 and 1885 the town grew rapidly in population and prosperity. In 1881 the Colorado Courant, a weekly paper, began publication. Ranches were inaugurated in different parts of the county. Within this four-year period Colorado City emerged as a major shipping center to rival Dodge City and Abilene as a cattle town. By 1884 it had several saloons and beer parlors, scores of general stores, lawyers, doctors, and a population of about 3,000. 

Mitchell County History 1922. Located on the headwaters of the Colorado River, and traversed by the Texas & Pacific Railway since 1881, Mitchell County has long been one of the centers of the live stock industry in West Texas. Colorado City, the county seat, has been particularly noted as a cattlemen’s town. The county has been described as a country of undulating prairies, traversed by numerous streams, with broad and beautiful valleys, skirted by a shattered growth of scrubby mesquite, hackberry and wild china, interspersed with an occasional live oak, pecan and cedar tree, in some parts mountainous, and in others stretching out into elevated tablelands. 


Colorado City, TX 32° 23′ 17.43″ N, 100° 51′ 52.4088″ W

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