Hemphill County, Texas

Hemphill County lies in the rolling plains on the eastern edge of the Panhandle, east of the Texas High Plains. It is bordered on the east by Oklahoma, on the south by Wheeler County, on the west by Roberts County, and on the north by Lipscomb County.

Cities, Towns & Communities

Canadian – county seat | Cataline | Clear Creek (Hogtown) | Dreyfoos | Gageby | Gem | Glazier | Isaacs | Mendota | Midway | Zybach


Hemphill County History 1922. The settlement which followed the construction of the Southern Kansas Railway across the Panhandle in 1887 was the chief factor in the organization of a county government in Hemphill County, one of the earlier Panhandle counties to support a local government.

The county officials were first elected in July, 1887, and the county seat town was established at Canadian, on the new railway and close to the Canadian River. As one of the oldest towns in the Panhandle, Canadian City has continued to grow, and is now one of the most prosperous small cities of Northwest Texas, having a population at the last census of 2,500, more than half the population of the entire county being concentrated in that town. Along the railway are three other smaller towns, Isaacs, Mendota and Glacier.


Canadian, TX 35° 54′ 46.152″ N, 100° 22′ 55.4772″ W

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