Hardeman County, Texas

Hardeman County is located on Highway 287 in the Rolling Plains region of northwest Texas. The county is bordered on the north by Oklahoma, on the east by Wilbarger County, on the south by Foard County, and on the west by Cottle and Childress counties.

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Acme | Chillicothe | Goodlett | Gypsum | Lazare | Medicine Mound | North Groesbeck | Quanah | Punkin Center


Created February 1, 1858, recreated August 21, 1876. Organized December 30, 1884. Named in honor of Bailey Hardeman, 1785-1836, signer of the Texas Congress and Legislature. County seat, Margarette, 1884-1890; Quanah, since, in honor of Quahan Parker, a Comanche Chief. – Historical Marker Text

Hardeman County History 1922. Until 1891 Hardeman comprised the greater portion of what is now Foard County. Hardeman was created by the legislature in 1858, and a county government was organized December 31, 1884. The first county seat was at the town of Margaret, now in Foard County. Hardeman County has as its northern boundary Red River, and its west line sets it off from the great Texas Panhandle. It was the haunt of buffalo and Indians and a few transient stockmen until the decade of the ’80s, and the history of its development is comprised within the last decades. In 1880 only fifty inhabitants were found in the county. Population in 1890 was 3,904; in 1900, after the separation of Foard County, the population was 3,634 ; in 1910, 11,213 ; in 1920, 12,487.


Quanah, TX 34° 17′ 52.278″ N, 99° 44′ 25.3392″ W

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