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Brown County, 1922. Much of the early development in West Central Texas was centered in Brown County. The first permanent settlements were made there before the war, but for many years the cattlemen had possession undisturbed except by Indian and outlaw. A little more than thirty years ago, in 1886, the first railroad, the G. C. & S. F., was built, and while some of the old stockmen directed their attention to banking and merchandising, the influx of many farmer settlers wrought more important changes over the county as a whole. For many years the county has possessed a particularly energetic and progressive citizenship. and the development of individual holdings has been accompanied by the building of good roads, the founding of church and school and the introduction of other conveniences which advance living conditions.

Brown County was created by act of the Legislature August 27. 1856, but there were only about a dozen pioneer families in the county. and county organization had to wait until 1858, when the coming of new settlers permitted the establishment of a local government. The Legislature directed that the County Court should select sites to be voted on as a county seat, and should also choose the name for the town, but the supplementary act of February 5, 1858, designated the name Brownwood for the county seat.


Brownwood, TX 31° 42′ 33.552″ N, 98° 59′ 28.1796″ W

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