Coleman County

Gouldbusk, Texas


Coleman County

Gouldbusk, located in south central Coleman County, is twenty miles south of Coleman on FM 1026. In the early 1900s, Gouldbusk had a cotton gin that operated 24 hours a day, sending 50 to 100 bales of cotton that weighted about 500 lbs each, to the railroad each day. Businesses in the town included a drug store, a grocery store, a merchantile, an undertaker, school and churches.  By the 1920s the town also had a flour mill, theater, several churches, five service stations, bank, and other businesses. In 1925, the west side of Main Street burned.

Surnames of early settlers include: Griffith, Davis, Busk, Cox, Smith, Hogan, Slate, Starkweather, Flannigan, Smith, Hunton, and Edens.


31° 33' 9.864" N, 99° 28' 41.124" W

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