Runnels County, Texas

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Runnels County History 1922. This was one of the West Texas counties which shared in the phenomenal increase of population and the development of resources during the first decade of the present century. That rapid growth has not been continued in the last three or four years, owing to the continued dry weather conditions that have prevailed over most of Texas, but the county has done well to maintain the level of prosperity attained in previous years. When the first official census was taken of Runnels County its population, in 1880, was only 980, including fifteen negroes. Population grew by 1890 to 2,193 ; by 1900 to 5,379 ; and by 1910 to 20.858, showing nearly a quadruple gain ; in 1920 the population was 17,074. While the great bulk of the population is native American, Germany, Austria and Mexico have contributed a substantial number of their people.


Ballinger, TX 31° 44′ 17.5416″ N, 99° 56′ 50.3088″ W

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