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Reeves County History 1922. In 1883 the northwest portion of Pecos County, including an area of 2,721 square miles, or three times the size of an ordinary county, was set off under the name of Reeves County. A county government was organized in 1884. In 1880 Pecos County, an immense region bounded on the south by the Rio Grande and on the east and north by the Pecos River, had a population of 1,807, three-fourths of whom were Mexicans, and at that time old Fort Stockton was the county seat. During 1881 the Texas & Pacific Railroad was built across the northern part of old Pecos County, and the Southern Pacific across the southern part. Settlement began along the Texas & Pacific, merchants and mechanics and farmers locating here in the midst of what had for some years been occupied solely by stockmen. It was as a result of this settlement that the new county of Reeves was formed. In 1899 the Pecos River Railroad was built north from Pecos City to the New Mexico line, and that road opened up to settlement and development the Valley of the Pecos for many miles. Within the last decade the enterprise of citizens at Pecos City and along the Toyah Valley have constructed a home road known as the Pecos Valley Southern, a distance of forty-one miles and furnishing transportation facilities to the rich and rapidly developing irrigation district along the Toyah Creek. Reeves County History.


Pecos, TX 31° 25′ 22.4832″ N, 103° 29′ 35.6244″ W

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