Presidio County, Texas

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Marfa – county seat | Presidio | Shafter


Presidio County History 1922. Presidio County formed in 1850, for a number of years comprised the greater part of the Trans-Pecos region of Texas. In 1871 Pecos County was set off, and in 1887 Brewster and Jeff Davis counties were created, leaving its present area of about twenty-five hundred square miles. The county was organized in 1875, and Fort Davis was the county seat until 1887, and after the creation of Jeff Davis County, a county government was established at Marfa, on the line of the Southern Pacific Railway, which was constructed across the north end of the county in 1880. The northern part of the county consists of high. rolling, treeless plains, but a large part of the area is mountainous and there are very few streams of running water. The mountainous districts are chiefly noted for their mineral deposits. and the stock raising industry is confined to the plains region in the northern part. About thirty years ago efforts were made to develop the silver deposits in the southern part of the county, near Shafter, and the Presidio mine in that vicinity has been in successful operation for over twenty years and is the principal metal producer in Texas. Presidio County History


Marfa, TX 30° 18′ 28.5768″ N, 104° 1′ 8.6592″ W

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