Kerr County, Texas

Kerr County is fifty miles northwest of San Antonio in south central Texas. The irregularly shaped county is bounded on the northeast by Gillespie County, on the east by Kendall County, on the south by Bandera County, on the southwest by Real County, on the west by Edwards County, and on the northwest by Kimble County.

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Kerr County 1858. This is a new county, in the western portion of the State. The country is much broken, and diversified with hills and valleys : the hillside springs send forth their brooks and rills, to make this charming region more lovely, and permeate the virgin soil with their life-giving powers. Stock of all kinds do well; and it is said that the soil and climate are well adapted to the extensive culture of grapes and other fruit.

This county is fast filling up with substantial settlers, who are reaping the benefits of cheap lands. It is one of the most healthful counties in the State. There are many indications of valuable metals and minerals here.
Distance from the centre of the county to Port Lavacca, is 180 miles.


When Kerr County was formed in 1856, Brownsborough changed its name to Kerrville and became the county seat. The first Kerr County Courthouse was built in Kerrville in 1856. In 1860 the county seat moved to the town of Comfort, where a new courthouse was built in 1861. In 1862, when Comfort became a part of the newly formed Kendall County, the county seat was returned to Kerrville, where it has remained. Courthouses were built in Kerrville in 1876, 1886, and in 1926. The 1926 courthouse currently serves the county.


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Kerrville, TX 30° 2′ 50.7588″ N, 99° 8′ 25.1484″ W

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