Gregg County, Texas

Gregg County, in northeastern Texas, is bounded on the north by Upshur, on the south by Rusk, on the west by Smith, and on the east by Harrison counties.

Cities, Towns & Communities

Clarksville (Clarksville City) | Easton (partly in Rusk County) | Elderville (partly in Rusk County) | Gladewater (partly in Upshur County | Judson | Kilgore (partly in Rusk County) | Lakeport | Liberty City | Longview (partly in Harrison County) | Rolling Meadows | Shiloh | Warren City (partly in Upshur County) | White Oak


Gregg County has been home to three courthouses.  The first courthouse, built in part with native sandstone from nearby Methvin Hill, was designed by noted courthouse architect F. E. Ruffini and completed in 1879.  The second courthouse was built of red brick in 1897 on the site of the 1879 courthouse.  The current courthouse was built in 1932.


Longview, TX 32° 30' 2.5344" N, 94° 44' 25.7604" W

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