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Gonzales County 1858. This county is west of the Colorado, and was settled in the early history of Texas. There are extensive deposits of iron and coal in this county. The distance from Gonzales to Port Lavacca is 75 miles. The lands of this county are fertile and easily cultivated. A recent writer says of the land on Peach Creek, in that county : — “It is as fertile as the river valleys, and has the immense advantage of sustaining drought with less injury to the crops ; last year (1856), notwithstanding the unprecedented drought, the yield of corn averaged from twenty to forty bushels. The scenery is beautiful, of the description known as rolling prairies. The long slopes are covered with thick, soft grass, and crowned with groves of noble live oaks and other trees ; building-stone is found in abundance throughout the county, and the numerous little brooks of clear running water afford every advantage for stock. Sheep are raised in considerable numbers, and are healthy and very profitable. Hogs, likewise, are abundant and thrifty, and increase rapidly.

This desirable region is rapidly filling up with intelligent and substantial men ; people of means, liberality, and enterprise, who will take much interest in building up churches and schools, to meet the in creasing necessities of the country. It will be well for emigrants with capital to take a look at this county. – Braman’s information about Texas, 1858

Gonzales 1935. Gonzales—the capital of DeWitt’s colony, is built on the left bank of the Guadalupe river, at the point where the direct road from San Felipe de Austin intersects that river. The site of the town is elevated, pleasant, and healthful, and possesses many natural advantages. It contains about three hundred inhabitants; and is distinguished as being the opening scene of the late war, where the first blow was struck against the despot Santa Anna and Centralism the Lexington of Texas. 


Gonzales, TX 29° 30′ 5.8536″ N, 97° 27′ 8.9748″ W

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