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Goliad County History 1858. This is a western county, and lies near the Gulf of Mexico ; the San Antonio River runs through the centre ; there are several smaller streams. The land. is good for cotton and corn, that on the Blanco and Medio being very superior. For stock-raising this region has not its equal out of Texas. Lands are worth from $1.50 to $3 per acre ; immigration is now turning in this direction, and lands will rise in price. The climate is healthful at all seasons, it being sufficiently near the Gulf to enjoy the exhilarating breezes in summer and modifying influences in winter. Stranger, if you have a small money capital, and are blessed with a large family, go to Goliad County while yet the lands are cheap, acquire a few hundred acres, buy a few cattle and horses, and the foundation of your fortune is laid, firmly and securely ; you never will regret the move if you take this advice; your only sorrow will be that you did not come sooner.

This charming county lies about thirty miles north of Aransas Bay, and is well situated for the cultivation of cotton, and stock-raising, It has an intelligent and refined population, and is favored with two well-conducted literary institutions : Aranama College and Paine Female Institute. The town of Goliad is the county-seat ; the old Mexican town of La Bahia is situated opposite Goliad. The view from the heights of La Bahia is indeed an enchanting one, and seems especially so when bathed in the sunlight of a serene and cloudless sky. On the left, as you ascend to the mission, rise romantic hills, sloping into various plains, which are, even in winter, covered with merry green, and through which the rippling surface of the meandering San Antonio flows, in all its sparkling and peculiar beauty. The lovely town of Goliad, with its neat white houses, amidst over shadowing trees, lies beyond; and towering above them all, upon opposite summits, stand Aranama College and Paine Female Institute. On the right of the ascent an almost interminable, but undulating prairie, stretches far around, presenting a scene of classic and picturesque beauty. The old mission church is still in a state of preservation, though surrounded by broken walls and crumbling bastions ; the hand of modern renovation has in a measure rendered the interior fit for religious worship. – Braman’s information about Texas, 1858

Goliad 1935. Goliad.—This village formerly called La Bahia is situated on the right bank of the San Antonio river, about one hundred and ten miles southeast of Bexar, and thirty miles from the coast. It contains about eight hundred inhabitants, all Mexicans. It was garrisoned by Mexican troops, and was one of the first places signalized by a triumph of the Texan arms in their struggle for liberty. – Texas by Holley, Mary Austin; Austin, Texas, 1935, page 115


Goliad, TX 28° 40′ 5.97″ N, 97° 23′ 17.9772″ W

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