Ector County, Texas

Ector County is a county located in the U.S. state of Texas.

Ector was founded in 1887 and organized in 1891.  It is named for Mathew Ector, a Confederate general in the American Civil War. As of 2019, its population was 166,223. Which is up from 137,130 in 2010. Odessa is its county seat and Its county seat is Odessa.

Ector County comprises the Odessa, Texas, metropolitan statistical area, which is included in the Midland–Odessa combined statistical area.

What is our community saying about Ector County, Texas

Throughout Ector County's history, our community has witnessed the evolution of entertainment, from early gatherings to the vibrant nightlife of the mid-20th century. Notable venues such as The Red Rose Club, the Crystal Ballroom, and the West Texas Theater continue the progression of entertainment in the area.