Culberson County, Texas

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Culberson County History 1922. Culberson County was created by the Legislature and organized in 1911, with an area of 3,780 square miles. Through the south end of the county pass the two railways, the Texas & Pacific and the Southern Pacific, and Van Horn, the county seat, is a railway division point on the Texas & Pacific. The county was named in honor of Senator Charles A. Culberson. The surface of Culberson County is mountainous in the south and southwestern parts, with many breaks and canyons through the northern and eastern sections. In this county is Guadalupe Peak, with an altitude of 9,500 feet, and there are many others of lesser elevation. To a limited extent irrigation has been employed from wells for the growing of vegetables, but so far the grazing of stock is the chief use to which the lands have been put. Culberson County has valuable marble deposits and has also a place in the production of gold, silver and copper, several mines being located near Van Horn. As the last census was taken before the organization of Culberson County, there are no statistics of popula­ tion and its economic resources. – History of Texas, 1922, by W. Barrett Travis.


Van Horn, TX 31° 2′ 23.4816″ N, 104° 49′ 50.772″ W

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