Crockett County, Texas

Crockett County is located in southwestern Texas on the western edge of the Edwards Plateau. It is bounded on the west by the Pecos River, which separates it from Terrell and Pecos counties. Its northern border is formed by Crane, Upton, Reagan, and Irion counties, while Schleicher and Sutton counties border it on the east and Val Verde County on the south. Ozona, the county seat is located 82 miles southwest of San Angelo.

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Camp Melvin (Pecos Station) | Couch Well | Eureka | Ozona – county seat


Crockett County History 1922. When created on January 22, 1875, Crockett County comprised an area of 10,000 square miles. The south line of original Tom Green County bounded it on the North, the Pecos River on the West, it extended along the Rio Grande for a number of miles, as far as original Kinney County, and included besides its present immense area a portion of Val Verde County and also the counties of Sutton and Schleicher. Val Verde County was created in 1885, and Sutton and Schleicher counties in 1887. Crockett County still has an area of about 3,000 square miles. There are no railroads, except a few miles of the Orient line through the extreme northwest corner and the county seat is at Ozona, located on a tributary of the Pecos River. The surface in the northern portion of the county is level, high plains, while the southern and western parts are very rough, consisting of high hills, narrow valleys and canyons. 

Crockett County was organized on July 7, 1891, when an election was held at Couch Well, or Eureka, to choose the county seat from three contending communities. The election was inconclusive, but Ozona, where E. M. Powell had already drilled a prolific water well and donated land for public buildings, became the county seat by the end of the year as the other communities failed to develop. The new county seat grew slowly for the first decade. In 1891 it received a post office and Mrs. J. W. Odom organized a union Sunday school. The same year the first school opened. A frame courthouse was built by the end of the year. A Baptist church was organized in 1892 and a Church of Christ in 1895. In 1899 a hotel opened. In 1900 stagecoach service began.


Ozona, TX 30° 42′ 32.0004″ N, 101° 12′ 15.0012″ W

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