Concho County, Texas

Concho County, in Central Texas, straddles the northern edge of the Edwards Plateau, and is bordered by Runnels and Coleman Counties to the north and northeast, McCullough County to the east, Menard County to the south and Tom Green County to the west.

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Concho County History 1922. Until very recent years Concho County has been regarded as included in the great Western Texas cattle range, a typical stock country, its undulating surface of hills and valleys, with scant growth of timber, furnishing a country whose primary usefulness is as pas ture land. It was during the decade of the '70s that the pioneer stock­ men made their first determined advance into the country, which they disputed with the buffalo and the Indian, and since then many thousand head of cattle, sheep and horses have grazed on the rich grasses of Concho County's land and have been driven out to market. Since the beginning of the present century agriculture has made important strides, and there are sufficient statistics to prove a great development in that line in that time.

Concho County was one of the county divisions created before the war by the Legislature in 1858, its territory having been taken from the original Bexar district. As was true of McCulloch County on the East, the stockmen had little interest in a permanent county organization, and the first county government was organized March 11, 1879.


Paint Rock, TX 31° 30' 30.5676" N, 99° 55' 12.2808" W

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