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Formed from Bowie County land. Created April 25, 1846; organized July 13, 1846. Named in honor of Gen. Lewis Cass (1782-1866), United States soldier and statesman, a strong advocate of annexation of Texas. Important river port city of Jefferson was county seat until Marion County was carved out of Cass in 1860; Linden, near center of county, then became county seat. During wave of sectional patriotism in 1861, the name “Cass” was changed to “Davis”, in honor of Jefferson Davis, president of the Confederate states. The original name was restored in 1871.- Historical Marker Text.

Texas Confederate Legislator, Dr. M. D. K. Taylor.  Alabama physician. Came to Texas, 1847. Served Cass County in Texas House and Senate for 24 years. Was called the ablest parliamentarian of his time. Served as one of the speakers of Texas House of Representatives in critical Civil War years, 1861-65. Legislators passed laws to raise, equip and supply 90,000 Texas soldiers who fought on all fronts and provided for defense of state’s 2000 mile frontier and coast against Indians, enemy troops and ships. As naval blockade reduced imports, the Legislature established plants to make guns, powder, cloth, salt. Contracts, subsidies and land grants were provided to encourage private industry to help meet heavy wartime demands for arms, supplies, clothing, food. Taylor and the other lawmakers taxed property and business and required farmers to turn in tithes of produce to meet the crisis. Funds were voted to buy cotton for state exchange for goods in Mexico to aid soldiers’ dependents, and to provide hospitals and medical care for troops– in and out of state. The Legislature was in almost continuous session. Poor pay and inflated Confederate money caused many members to live in tents and covered wagons on the Capitol grounds, and cook over campfires. – Historical Marker Text.  Marker erected 1965.  Located on US 59 (east side of road) about 9 mi. S of Linden in roadside park.


Cass County has had three courthouses.  The first one in Jefferson (before the formation of Marion County), and the other two in Linden, the current county seat.  The current courthouse was completed in 1866.


Linden, TX 33° 0′ 44.4744″ N, 94° 21′ 55.6956″ W

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