Colorado County

Weimar, Texas


Colorado County

Town of Weimar. This land--once part of first Anglo-American colony in Texas--grew into a townsite in 1873 with coming of the Galveston, Harrisburg, & San Antonio rail line. D.W. Jackson donated half of land for town, which was named for Weimar, Germany. Post Office was established in 1873. Town incoporated 1875. By 1887 Weimar was enjoying a prosperous cotton economy, had many stores and 2 newspapers. Local opera house (150 yds.S), built about 1880, was one of the first between Houston and San Antonio. Present Economy is based on agriculture. Population is 2,050. - Historical Marker Text.  Marker located: Weimar, in front of Post Office, U.S. 90.

Weimar Railroad Depot. Weimar was founded in 1873 when T. W. Peirce, president of the Galveston, Harrisburg & San Antonio Railroad, built a depot here on property of D. W. Jackson (1829-1904). Peirce and Jackson shared the profits from sale of town lots. Before the coming of the railroad, transportation had posed a major problem for this area. Named for a German town that Peirce admired, Weimar quickly became a leading trade center. The first depot was replaced in 1925 by the present structure. In 1972 the Southern Pacific Railroad donated the building for use as the Weimar Public Library. - Historical Marker Text.  Marker located: 109 E. Jackson Ave., Weimar (now used as public library).

Weimar Masonic Cemetery.  On February 28, 1877, Masonic Lodge No. 423 of Weimar, which had been established two years before, purchased two acres for the creation of a lodge cemetery. The property was purchased from D.W. Jackson, who had sold two adjacent acres in 1875 to Lodge 201 of the Indpendent Order of Odd Fellows for an I.O.O.F. burial site. The Masonic Cemetery was enlarged in 1916 and 1944. On May 7, 1959, the I.O.O.F. Cemetery was deeded to the Weimar Cemetery Trust, legally combining the two sites into one cemetery under the Masonic name. A "Ladies Cemetery Association" was first established to care for the site in 1891, and Weimar Cemetery, Inc. continues today as the entity with oversight of the burial ground.  Historic Texas Cemetery - 2010.  - Historical Marker Text.  Marker located: On Highway 90 W, .8 of a mile west from U S Post Office located at 100 E. Main.


Weimar, TX 29° 42' 10.8396" N, 96° 46' 49.9188" W

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