Bexar County

San Antonio, Texas



Bexar County

San Antonio 1935. San Antonio de Bexar.—The ancient town of Bexar is situated in the western part of the undu­lating region on the San Antonio river, which flows through it, and is remarkably pleasant and healthy. This place is latitude 29o25’, one hundred and forty miles from the coast, and con­tains two thousand five hundred inhabitants, all native Mexicans, with the exception of a very few American families who have settled there. A mil­itary outpost was established at this spot by the Spanish government in 1718. In the year 1731, the town was settled by emigrants sent out from the Canary Islands by the king of Spain. It be­came a flourishing settlement, and so continued till the revolution in 1812. Since which period the Comanche and other Indians have greatly harassed the inhabitants, producing much indi­vidual suffering, and totally destroying for a sea­son, at least, the prosperity of the town. It is the capital of the province, and has been rendered a place of considerable notice, as the seat of the late war, and by the surrender of Cos, to the pa­triot army of Texas under Gen. Burleson, on the 11th of December, 1835; by the conquest of which not a Mexican soldier in arms was left in the State of Texas. - Texas by Holley, Mary Austin; Austin, Texas, 1935, pages 112-113


San Antonio, TX 29° 25' 26.8392" N, 98° 29' 37.0608" W

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