Cherokee County

Mt. Selman, Texas



Cherokee County

Mt. Selman History 1934. In 1884 four Larissa citizens—Doctor R. D. Bone, J. W. Wade, W. T. and J. N. McKee—bought homesteads on the newly-built railroad, now the Cotton Belt, and called the settlement Selman for Doctor Selman, the former owner of the land. Later the Post Office Department changed it to Mt. Selman. The McKees opened the first store, moving their business from Larissa. Among other early citizens were T. Carlton (also a merchant), E. R. Alexander, G. A. McKee, T. L. Wade, R. W. Shamblin, J. S. Matkin and Alf Long. Later business firms induded Dublin Brothers, Burton & Newton and the C. H. Edwards Drug Store. Two disastrous fires have swept the town, the first causing frame buildings to be replaced by brick business houses, the last destroying the bricks. The Baptists, Methodists and Presbyterians now have churches. Mt. Selman was long a leading peach and tomato shipping center. A History of Cherokee County, 1934 by Hattie Joplin Roach


32° 4' 5.592" N, 95° 17' 2.832" W

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