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Lufkin History 1888. The town of Lufkin, is situated within the circle of a very fertile and productive country, at the junction of the H. E. & W. Texas, and the K. & G. S. L. Railroads. And, being 118 miles from Houston, 120 from Shreveport, 100 from Tyler and 120 from Sabine Pass, necessarily makes it the division point of these different and competing lines of railroad. This at an early day will render it one of the best and most available distributing points in East Texas. In the Fall of 1882, a depot was erected by the H. E. & W. T. R. R. Company and the town tract partially laid out in town lots, at whim time a few of these town lots were sold at public auction. In the Fall of 1885 when the K. & G. S. L. Railroad made its connection at this point, the entire town tract of 350 acres was laid out in town lots and over $10.000 worth of lots were sold at public outcry, leaving in the joint possession of the two Railroad Companies about nine-tenths of the entire town property.

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Lufkin, TX 31° 20' 17.6676" N, 94° 43' 44.7492" W

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