Knox County

Knox County Courthouses

Benjamin, the county seat, has been the home of three Knox County.

Knox County Courthouse, 1886 - First courthouse, a small box-and-strip building. Originally two rooms, then the courthouse was enlarged.. Replaced in 1888.

Knox County Courthouse, 1888 - Second courthouse. Two story, Built of native stone by Ferrier Brothers & Wirzused until 1935.

Original Old Rock Courthouse Cornerstone. Erected in Benjamin in 1891 [or 1888], when the officials of Knox County were: J.J. Truscott - judge; W.H. Benedict, T.P. Reeder, J.A. Spinks, G.B. Stewart, commissioners; T.D. Isbell - sheriff. Rock structure, replacing wooden courthouse of 1886, was in use until 1935. (1967) Incise in base: Presented by M. J. Spinks, Dallas - Historical Marker Text. Marker erected 1967. Located on the Courthouse Square, southeast corner, Highway 82, Benjamin.

Knox County Courthouse, 1935 - Current courthouse.  Modern style structure, designed by Voelcker & Dixon, architects and built by Dolph-Bateson Construction Co., as part of a Public Works Project.


33° 35' 2.328" N, 99° 47' 32.316" W

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