Austin County

Kenney, Texas



John Wesley Kenney. (1799-1865) One of great pioneer Methodist ministers of Texas. Pennsylvania-born, he began preaching at age 19. In 1833 he came to Texas and soon settled in this county. Unkempt in appearance, Kenney redeemed his eccentricity with an eloquent style of preaching. In Texas — then part of Mexico and Catholic by law — he helped found Methodist societies and, in 1834, served a vast circuit covering all of present state west of Trinity River. In 1836 he took part in Texas War for Independence. His lifetime saw Methodism become one of the major denominations in state. – Historical Marker Text. Marker erected 1972. Located at Hall Road and SH 36, Kenney.

Meinecke Cemetery. Johann Friedrich and Sophie Koyn Meinecke established this burial ground in 1858, when two of their sons drowned in the Brazos River. The Meineckes came to Kenney after emigrating from Bremen, Germany in 1847. Johann Freidrich Meinecke purchased property from Evangelist John Welsey Kenney, the town’s namesake, and family members soon established themselves as noted area farmers, ranchers and educators. This family graveyard features vertical stones, curbing and German language inscriptions. Today, urban development has spread to the historic Kenney community, but this cemetery remains as a record of early settlement here and of the pioneering Meinecke family. – Historical Marker Text. Marker erected 2010. Located at 6587 Stokes Road, Kenney.


30° 2′ 51.792″ N, 96° 19′ 36.876″ W

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