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Harris County

Houston 1888. The city of Houston is 118 miles from Lufkin, and is the natural metropolis of Southeast Texas. It is a railroad center of great importance, the lines radiating in many different directions, carrying passengers and freight to all parts of the country. It stands at the head of Buffalo bayou, on which vessels ply to and from the gulf.

Houston¸ 1935. Houston, in compliment to the General who so nobly volunteered in the Texan cause, has recently been laid out on the east side of the Trinity river, forty miles north of the San Antonio road It contains between three and four hundred build­ing lots and a large quantity of out land. The situation is said to be handsome, salubrious, and well watered; surrounded by fertile, well timber­ed land, and is about six miles distant from a good, steamboat landing on the Trinity. The town is intended to be on the roads leading from Nacog­doches and Pecan Point, to the falls of the Brazos. Within a few miles of it there are two large and good salines. - Texas by Holley, Mary Austin; Austin, Texas, 1935, pages 123-124


Houston, TX 29° 45' 46.3824" N, 95° 22' 59.0232" W

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