Angelina County

Hoshall, Texas



Hoshall. The Houston East and West Texas (HE&WT) Railroad came through Angelina County in 1882 and a community named Bitterweed Flat developed here. In 1913 W. E. Hoshall purchased land and timber rights in the area and began shipping logs from Hoshall Switch on the HE&WT in Bitterweed Flat. In 1917 Luke E. Wright established a sawmill and town with churches, schools, and a commissary at the switch site. The company town was named Hoshall and consisted of Anglo and African American citizens. The sawmills closed and by 1940 all that remained was the cemetery and the mill pond. Sesquicentennial of Texas Statehood 1845 - 1995.  - Historical Marker Text.  Located 2.75 mi. south of Lufkin on FM 324.

Hoshall Cemetery (also known as Bitterweed Flat Cemetery) serves the area.


31° 16' 6.78" N, 94° 45' 35.892" W

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