Armstrong County

Gorin, Texas



History of the Gorin Community 1939. Gorin Community began its organization when the neighbors met in the home of Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Gorin to discuss the school problem. This district did not have sufficient funds to build a school-house so the decision was that each one would contribute money and labor. Those that made our little school-house possible were M.M. Keith, Lee Callihem, M. G. Walker, J. H. Gorin, R. A. Campbell, B. S. McClendon, W. H. Brummett, Tom Brummett, Claude Brummett and others.

In 1902 with the help of Claude and Panhandle, a small one room school house eighteen by twenty-four feet was built on Section 70 owned by J. H. Gorin in Carson County. Because of insufficient funds to buy desks and seats several bales of shingles which had been left over were used by the younger children to sit on. The older pupils would not sit on the bales of shingles, so a long table that was used for a desk and a long bench to sit on were made by Mr. M. M. Keith. I do not remember whether we envied the older pupils or not.

Drinking water was brought by the pupils in jugs and buckets and in warm weather there was not enough to go around. When the bell rang there was always a rush for the water bucket.


34° 56′ 13.776″ N, 101° 26′ 2.076″ W

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