Cooke County

Gainesville, Texas


Cooke County

History of Gainesville, 1922. Gainesville, the county seat of Cooke County, has a population around 15,000. The assessed valuation is $11,477,000.

It has a training school for girls, a state institution, seven public schools, three kindergartens and has recently authorized a bond issue for the , erection of a $150,000 high school. There are fourteen churches for whites and four for negroes. All the principal denominations are represented.

There are two national banks, with a combined capital of $400,000 and deposits aggregating $3,500,000. One state bank, capital $50,000. deposits $600,000.

Its industrial enterprises include a refining plant, cotton mill, ice factory, cotton warehouse and compress; iron foundry, mill and elevator, grain elevator, mattress factory, brick company and three cotton gins.

There are the usual complement of social clubs and fraternal organizations, a $25,000 library fully equipped and containing a large collection of books, magazines and periodicals.

There is a fully equipped, modern fire department, a beautiful, well kept city park, well constructed street improvements and sidewalks. Fuel is supplied by natural gas from the gas fields in Clay County and Oklahoma.

It boasts of its beautiful homes and claims to be the most desirable place of residence in this section. - History of Texas, 1922, by W. Barrett Travis.


Gainesville, TX 33° 37' 33.3876" N, 97° 8' 0.042" W

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