Angelina County

Emporia, Texas



Emporia. Emporia Lumber Company co-owners S. F. Carter and M. T. Jones purchased over 5,000 acres of land in south Angelina County and established a company town named Emporia in 1893. The town included sawmill facilities, a railroad spur to ship lumber, logging camps, company houses, schools, churches, stores and a cemetery. In 1906 the sawmill burned and was not rebuilt. Although the company ceased operations, people continued to live in Emporia. Eventually the town was absorbed within the city of Diboll. - Historical Marker Text.  Marker erected 1996. Located at the NE corner of Booker and Maynard St., Diboll.

Emporia Cemetery. This pioneer burial ground predates later timber towns of the area. The land was originally set aside as a family cemetery, with the first burial for W.E. and Emily Waltman's infant son William in 1882. The Emporia sawmill operated a few hundred yards west from 1893-1906; some sawmill workers and their families are also buried here, mostly in unmarked graves. Relatives of Jeremiah and Hester Anthony are also buried here, and while that family took care of the graveyard it was also known as Anthony Cemetery or Pleasant Hill Cemetery. Noteworthy features here include the use of landscape petrified wood and homemade concrete gravestones. Once a rural cemetery, the site is now within the city limits of Diboll. Historic Texas Cemetery - 2006. - Historical Marker Text. Marker located on Parker St off US 59 S.


31° 10' 19.8444" N, 94° 47' 11.0688" W

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