Angelina County

Diboll, Texas



Diboll. A sawmill established here in 1894 by T. L. L. Temple gave rise to a town that by 1900 contained a commissary, post office, churches, homes, and schools run by the Southern Pine Lumber Company. The town was named for the Diboll family of New Orleans from whom Temple initially purchased timber rights. Diboll remained a company town until Southern Pine Lumber Company began promoting private ownership of homes and businesses in the 1950s. Diboll was incorporated in 1962 and today boasts a multiethnic citizenry which supports numerous community activities. – Historical Marker Text. Marker erected 1994. Located on US 59 (Temple St.) at Kenley St. in front of City Hall, Diboll.

Old Diboll Library. Built about 1908 by T. L. L. Temple for his Southern Pine Lumber Company employees, this building served for many years as a community library and recreation hall. While the lower floor included a reading room and recreational facilities, the upper floor contained living quarters used at various times by the Temple family, single male employees, and schoolteachers. The building was used as a Red Cross sewing room during World War I and as a food distribution point for needy families during the Depression. It later served as a residence and office. – Historical Marker Text. Marker erected 1990. Located 116 N. First St., at railroad tracks.


Diboll, TX 31° 11′ 13.6752″ N, 94° 46′ 51.7476″ W

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