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Denton County

Denton History 1922. The city is celebrated for the excellence and size of its educational institutions. Beside one of the strongest city school systems in the state. which boast a daily attendance of more than two thousand students, the town has within its borders two of the great educational institutions of the state in the North Texas State Normal, with a record of 3,017 (duplicates excluded), enrolled students in one year and the College of Industrial Arts for young women, which is one of the largest schools of its kind in the United States, boasting an enrollment exceeded by only two female colleges in the nation. It has a record of 2.162 students in one year.

These schools are perhaps the greatest asset the city has, although the agricultural and livestock interests are large and have grown greatly in the past few years. The Denton Dairy Association has more than two hundred members, and the daily production of milk is the largest of any single community in the state, unless it be some of the large cities where the dairy industry is spread over a much wider district. The town has two flouring mills, with a combined capacity of some seven hundred bar­ rels of flour, and as much meal and feed.

A brick factory turns out the highest grade of brick in the South­ west, and Denton brick are found as the finishing brick in almost all the great buildings of the larger cities of the state and neighboring states.

Other industries are a cotton oil mill, with a capacity of 80 tons of seed per day ; an ice factory of 60 tons capacity daily ; municipally owned water, light and power plant, sewer plant, fence factory, machine shop. There are five public school buildings, representing an investment of $250,000, and the usual complement of mercantile establishments incident to a town of its size.

The people are almost all descendants of the old South, and the whole population is of a high class, with no undesirable foreign element and very few who do not boast a forward look toward better things in education and civic life. - History of Texas, 1922, by W. Barrett Travis.


Denton, TX 33° 12' 53.4276" N, 97° 7' 59.0448" W

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