Angelina County

Angelina County Courthouses


Angelina County has has four county seats and five courthouses.

First Angelina County Courthouse, Marion – Two story log building, built in 1847.This building was used until 1854 when Jonesville became the county seat. It was later disassembled and rebuilt at Homer (Angelina) after Homer became the county seat in 1858.

Angelina County Courthouse, Jonesville – Jonesville was the county seat from 1854-1858. No courthouse was built; the county offices were in rented space.

Angelina County Courthouse, Homer (Angelina) – The two story log building that was used as a courthouse in Marion was dismantled and moved to Homer, which had been renamed Angelina when Homer became the county seat. Homer was restored as the town name in 1862.

Angelina County Courthouse, Homer – Two story wood frame building built in 1873. The courthouse caught fire and burned on November 18, 1891. The following year the county seat was moved to Lufkin.

Angelina County Courthouse, Lufkin – Built in 1892, a two-story wood frame building.

Angelina County Courthouse, Lufkin – Built in 1903, a Classical Revival style courthouse designed by James Riely Gordon.

Angelina County Courthouse, Lufkin – Present courthouse, built in 1955. Modified in 1962 when the Clock tower and upper floor removed, wings added to north and south sides. Dramatically altered by Architects Rittenberry & Rittenberry with Timmons Construction Co. as the contractor.

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