Chambers County

Anahuac, Texas

Anahuac, pronounced “Anna – WACK”, is the county seat of Chambers County.


Anahuac.—This was formerly a military post town established by order of Gen. Teran, on the northeast corner of Galveston Bay, opposite the mouths of the Trinity river in Vehlein’s grant. Its situation is very pleasant, on the borders of a-prai­rie, at an elevation of thirty feet above the waters of the bay which is spread before it. This town was at first known by the name of Perry’s Point, until the ancient title of the city of Mexico was bestowed upon it, at the time it was occupied by a Mexican garrison of about an hundred soldiers under the command of Col. Bradburn. It con­tains about thirty houses besides the building erected as barracks for the soldiery. This is about one hundred and fifty feet long and twenty wide, with the colonel’s quarters at one end, and the guard house on the other. – Texas by Holley, Mary Austin; Austin, Texas, 1935, pages 114-115


Anahuac, TX 29° 46′ 22.8″ N, 94° 40′ 57.7056″ W

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