Holder, Texas                    




Holder was on what is now Farm Road 2273 thirteen miles north of Brownwood in north central Brown County. It was established around 1874 and named for D. D. Holder, an early settler. A post office opened there in 1896. By 1915 the community reported a population of seventy-five and at least seven businesses, including two grocers, a physician, a blacksmith shop, and a cotton gin. The Holder post office had closed by 1921. In the 1940s the community had a church, a business, and a population of thirty. No population figures for Holder are available after the mid-1940s. In the 1980s the county highway map showed a Union Grove church at the site, but the community of Holder no longer existed. At that time the Pleasant Grove community, which was once part of Holder, was still an active community centered around the local Baptist church.

from the Handbook of Texas Online

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1936 Map of Holder from General Highway Map of Brown County, 1936 View map legend
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Map of Holder, USGS Survey