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Somervell County Sketch 1895

J. N. Chandler, a minister of the Baptist church, first settled in: Hood county soon after the war. He had been a gallant officer in the Confederate army from Carolina, and came here with that group of men. who at this date swelled the population of our Acton country. Rev. Chandler has always been a popular and influential man, has preached throughout an extensive region of country, and is quite widely known. He settled on Squaw creek, near Glen Rose, about the time of the organization of Somervell county, and thereafter became an influential factor in the affairs of the new county. He had ambition and fondness for legislative honors, and after removing to Bluff Dale was, in 1892, elected as the democratic nominee to represent the county of Erath in the Legislature.

Elias Chandler—brother to J. N.—came about the same time, and after serving the people of Somervell as sheriff, he too removed to Bluff Dale, where the two are still residing, and both are men of high repute and extensive acquaintance.

J. H. Montgomery, the first clerk of the courts of Somervell county, was a faithful and efficient officer. He died many years ago.

J. J. McCowan, the first sheriff, was also well liked by all who knew him, and has been quite prominent in this county. He has served in other public and private trusts and in all acquitted himself with satisfaction to those concerned.
Dr. Scott Milani is among the old settlers of Glen Rose, haying practiced medicine and engaged in the drug business here for many years. He served as county treasurer three terms, and has always maintained himself as a popular and trustworthy man in all of his relations. His brother, B. R. Milam, came to Somervell county several years ago and is a merchant of energy and a affluence.

Hon. A. J. Hart was elected county judge in 1884 and served two terms. We have heretofore had much to say of Mr. Hart. No man in the county has stood fairer in the esteem of his many friends than he.

Judge Amos Saddler was elected county judge in 1894. He is a well known representative leader in his county and a close scrutinizer into the economic management of the county's affairs.

The clerk's office has been held—the first two terms by Montgomery, then three terms by J. W. Kinkaid, four by J. A. Hamberlin, and is now in possession of Mr. Wm. Shields. All three have been clever men and after some experience proved efficient.

Besides those already mentioned who have been sheriff, are G. L. Booker, who resigned before the end of his term ; Wm. F. Reaves, who served three terms and by all regarded as a most excellent officer ; M. E. Currie, who served one term and was also deemed an efficient sheriff, and the present incumbent, Mr. W. L. Shoffner.

Besides Dr. Milani, the county treasurer's office has been held by B. F. Duggan several terms. He became unfortunately involved and was sued upon his bond after retiring ; J. M. Montgomery was county treasurer three terms, and was  succeeded by the present incumbent, W. T. Gresham.

The office of assessor has been occupied since Phil Jackson's term by Geo. Waterson, H. F. Austin, John Hamberlin, Jackson Sullivan, Sam'l Wilkinson and the present incumbent, W. R. Kelly.

The county has seldom appreciated the need of a county attorney, and few have been the aspirants for this office.
Capt. J. J. Farr, for a long time the sole lawyer resident within the county, has sometimes held this office, but usually he seemed to find more consolation in appearing in the courts upon that side to which the courts were bound to concede the most agreeable side of the reasonable doubt.



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