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Woods History 1936

There are a number of families listed as pioneer families and each of these had a large connection. Some of them are as follows: Hookers, Hulls, Forts, Presleys, McBrides, Walkers, Parkers, Knights, Dr. DeSterger, Swearengers, Williams, Baldwins, Butlers, DeBerrys, Deans, Wamacks, Tomlinsons, Rowes, Mitchels, Butlers, Kyles, Parrishes, Johnsons, and DuBoses.

This thriving community has one signal honor that not another in the whole world can boast. The fertile soil and a real farmers' knowledge, proved to the whole world, before the days of scientific farming had been conceived, that the world's best could be grown in this community. Showing that our native citizens, American Indians, had named the county properly—Panola—in their own language, "land of cotton."

Hardy G. Hooker, I, was the illustrious one. He produced on his farm the finest bale of cotton the world has ever seen, the seeds were removed by hands. Liverpool Cotton Exchange purchased this prize bale, and kept it for a season, but the New York Cotton Exchange succeeded in returning this bale of choicest cotton to its Mother Country. It's now domiciled in this permanent home—wearing bagging of silk and linen, bound with sterling silver ties and enclosed in a glass case.

Patriotism was never found lacking in this community. The Civil War had soldiers taken from this hamlet. Some are as follows: H. G. Hooker, J. J. Williams, Tom Hooker, Henry Hooker, Dr. Robert Develin and Captain Jim Frazier.

Grandsons of these, (and others we could not get names of) answered the call to service for their country in the World War. These were: Roy Fleming, Jim Hooker, Charlie McBride, Bernard Kyle, Stanton DuBose, Dudley, Hardy and Tom Williams.

This community is still full of progressiveness and doing a wonderful service to the county. Modern homes with such conveniences have taken the places of the land marks. The wholesome atmosphere and appreciation of highest ideals established by the founders are manifested in physical, moral, mental, and spiritual lives of this the younger generation.

History of Panola County, 1936


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