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Panola County Officials 1846-1936

Elected August 6, 1860: Drury Field, Chief Justice; James M. Ramsey, County Clerk; Elisha Williams, Tax Assessor and Collector; James Long, Sheriff; Samuel B. Darnell, County Treasurer; George D. McJimsey County Surveyor. A. D. Irvin, P. M. Harrison, R. A. Craig and B. F. Hooker were County Commissioners. The following Justices of the Peace—two each for Precincts Nos. 1, 2, and 3, none for Precinct No. 5, one for Precinct 6, two each for Precincts 7, 8, 9, none for Precinct 10 and one for 11, 12, and 13 in the order named; Cornelius Crenshaw, William F. Marris, James Williams, T. P. S. Pate, John S. Moore, T. B. Adkinson, Paul Polt, William Watson, A. M. Lumford, R. A. Craig, John M. Vawter, W. F. Neal, and P. M. Harrison.

J. H. Anderson was appointed Tax Assessor and Collector, December 3, 1860, by the County Clerk— vice Elisha Williams.

Elected August 4, 1862: Henderson Fyke, Chief Justice; J. M. Ramsey, County Clerk; James Long, Sheriff; Green Riley, Tax Assessor—Collector; Samuel B. Dornall, County Treasurer, G. D. McGinsey, County Surveyor J. B. Armstrong, Coroner. The County Commissioners: C. Crenshaw, E. A. Teter, B. G. Hooker and W. F. Nelson; and the following Justices of the Peace—two for Precinct No. 2, one for Precinct No. 3, two for Precinct No. 4, one for Precinct No: 6, two each for Precincts 8 and 9, two for Precinct No. 11, and one for 13 as named in order: S. J. Ross, J. H. Morris, J. M. Johns, J. M. Solomon, C. D. Wood, Sampson D. Fisher, Stephen Allred, S. B. Lacy, William Watson, J. M. Vanter, R. A. Craig, Robert Wyatt, Josephus McNeese, and P. M. Harrison.

Gideon B. Adkinson was elected County Commissioner Octtober 3, 1863 vice C. Crenshaw, deceased.

Again Henderson Fyke was elected Chief Justice this being twice during the Civil War—August 1, 1864. James W. Ramsey, County Clerk, Gideon B. Adkinson, Sheriff, W. M. P. Anderson, District Clerk; E. A. Teter, Tax Assessor-Collector; Samuel B. Darnell, County Treasurer; James B. Armstrong, Coroner; W. H. Davis, M. H. Simmes, Wm. Appling, and Thos. G. Allison, County Commissioners; and the following Justices of the Peace—two for Precinct No. 1, one for Precinct No. 2, one for Precinct No. 3, two each for Precincts, Nos. 4 and 5, one for Precinct No. 6, two each for Precincts 7, 8, 9, 10, and 11, one for Precinct 12, and two each for Precincts 13 and 14 in the order named: Isarel Oden, Justice Woolworth, Thadeus C. Pate, James M. Johns James N. Harrison, Rozell Medham, Wm. H. Taylor, Lewis Perry, Spencer M. Harris, Wm. Gresham Andrew J. LaGrone, Charles Baker, James Hefner, Robert A. Craig, Thomas W. Gardner, Austin L. Davis, Wm. J. Rogers, Robert Wyatt, Josephus P. McNeece, Ed Henry, John Z. Hamplin, Jacob S. Caraker, Robert W. Wilson, and R. A. Young.

Gov. A. J. Hamilton appointed the following on Sept. 4, 1865; Webster Flanagan„ Chief Justice; J. M. Ramsey, County Clerk, J. Pat Anderson, Sheriff; Jack Graham, Tax Assessor-Collector; James Heifner, County Treasurer; and Thomas Davenport, James Crawford, Richard Golden, and. Richard Mahan, County Commissioners.

J. Pat Anderson refused to qualify. S. W. Frin was commissioned District Clerk in his stead October 16, 1865. James Heifner refused to qualify and W. H. Watson was appointed County Treasurer; in his stead October 16, 1865.

A. B. Lacy was appointed Justice of the Peace for Precinct No. 8, February 2, 1866 and was re-appointed March 6, 1866, vice Webster Blanagan, resigned.

Elected June 25, 1866: Henderson Fyke, County Judge (first term this term, was used) Hamilton Pollard, County Clerk; J. M. Fain, District Clerk; W. P. Anderson, Sheriff; James F. Perry, Tax Assessor-Collector; E. S. Hull, Treasurer; J. R. Williams, County Surveyor; County Commissioners: James L. !Matthews, T. J. Reagen, and W. D. Ragland, and the following Justices of the Peace—two .each for Precinct No. 2 and 3 one for Precinct No. 4, 5, and 6, two each far Nos. 7 and 8 and one for Nos. 9 and 10 and two for No. 13, in the order named: Andrew W. Rohe, Josephus Smith, W. C. Lyan, J. P. Johnson, W. H. Taylor, W. R. Murray, C. D. Polk, R. F. Polk S. B. Lacy, James M. Ramsey, R. A. Craig, Thos. P. Peagues, P. M. Harrison, and J. H. Ross.

All the foregoing served for sometime after the Congressional plan of reconstruction succeeded that of President Johnson. Under the new order the following were finally disqualified and went out of office: Fyke, Pollard, Anderson, James F. Perry, Matthews, Reagan, and Hull. Ragland moved from the County January 17, 1868. The following resigned: Josephus Smith, W. R. Murray, C. A. Polk, R. F. Polk, S. B. Lacy, James M. Ramsey, Thos. P. Peagues, and P. M. Harrison. B. B. Anderson, County Commissioner and J. M. Fain, Justice of the Peace for Precinct for No. 8 were elected December 15, 1866, but have the word disqualified entered opposite their names.

P. W. Clements was elected County Attorney, January 8, 1867. James M. Roquemore was chosen Tax Assessor-Collector March 18, 1867, vice James F. Perry.

Appointed by General J. J. Reynolds: Micajah Johns, County Judge, vice Henderson Fyke, July 27, 1869. William Watson, Sheriff, vice W. P. Anderson, July 27, 1869; John Duran, District Clerk, vice J. M. Fain, July 27, 1869; J. W. Murphy, Justice of Peace, Precinct No. 5, August 2, 1869; Jesse W. Brooks, County Clerk, vice Pollard, August 24, 1869; Joseph Adams, Commissioner, vice S. L. Matthews, August 24, 1869; Thomas F. Hull, Sheriff, vice Wm. Watson, September 24, 1859, James H. Grary and Stephen L. Davis, County Commissioners, September 10, 1869; M. H. Johns, Justice of the Peace, Precinct 8; M. Fain, September 10, 1869; George D. Quest, District Clerk, Vice John Duran, September 18, 1869; Thomas D. Farraw, County Treasurer, vice E. Thomas Hull, October 27, 1869; James M. Ramsey, County Surveyor, November 8, 1869; James Huse, County Surveyor, vice Ramsey, deceased, November 8, 1869; and Oliver P. Carswell, County Clerk, January 18, 1870.



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