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Panola County Officials 1846-1936

Elected Aug. 5, 1850: Andrew Robe, Chief Justice; J. H. Anderson, Sheriff; J. Hadley Anderson, County Clerk; Andrew Tippet, Tax Assessor and Collector; J. K. Williams, County Surveyor; W. W. McCartney, County treasurer; R. D. McCory, Coroner; the following Justices of the precinct, in the order named; A. Birdsong, W. A. Birdsong, J. M. Wade, J. L. Gibbs, G. W. Watson, John Cassady, S. M. Hooker, W. G. Parrish, W. F. Person, James Long, Stephen Allred, Robert Wyatt, Andrew Robe, H. M. Cooner, P. Henry Martin, Joshua Cherry, C. F. Lewis, F. J. Metcalf, R. R. Moore and L. L. Parham; and the following Constables were elected; W. Tiller, M. Woods, Jacob Moore, W. T. English, C. S. Scruggs, J. P. Gibbs, W. M. Thomas and Howard Dillard.

Mills L. Higgins was elected District Clerk Sept. 14, 1850 and at the same time Justice of the Peace for Precinct No. 8.

Henderson Fyke was elected Chief Justice in 1851. John Miller, Constable. The following year 1852, February 14, John W. Vawter was eleceted Justice of Peace of Precinct 9.

The following officers were elected Aug. 2, 1852: George Walton, Chief Justice; William White, Sheriff; J. Hadley Anderson, County Clerk; Jonothan Anderson, Tax Assessor and Collector; John W. Williams, County Treasury; John R. Williams, County Surveyor; John B. Chilcoat, Coroner; County Commissioners, Thomas G. Allison, Nathan Davis, Cornelius C. Crenshaw, Isaac Davidson, J. M. Vawter, J. J. Metcalf, Samuel A. Hooker, Solomon, John Miller, B. M. Carter, Richard Golden, Alexander Birdsong, P. F. Gibbs, A. Johnson, S. D. Fisher, A. F. Jordan, John Y. Riddle, Robert Wyatt, J. S. Lyon, J. P. Renfro, Stephen Allred, Samuel A. Reed, Mell L. Heggin and Samuel L. Burns.

Elected August 7, 1854 were: Thomas G. Allison, Chief Justice; J. Hadley Anderson, County Clerk; Charles S. Scuggs, Sheriff; Elisha Williams, Tax Assessor and Collector; John R. Turner, County Treasurer; County Commissioners were: J. B. Armstrong, Terel Hanson, John S. White, and Thomas D. Matthews.

The following Justices of the Peace were elected for Precincts 1 to 12 inclusive, two for each Precinct in order named: R. W. Fields, J. P. Renfro, J. H. Johnson, W. C. Lyon, Jacob Moore, W. G. Parish, A. F. Jordan, J. J. B. Busby, Stephen Allred, Robert Liles, James M. Jeter, Robert Jarman, Mills L. Higgins, Isaac Taylor, Robert A. Craig, S. J. Metcalf, W. H. Darnell, Thomas C. Craig, Rob Wyatt, J. B. Cweeton, and F. Odom. The following Constables were elected for each Precinct from 1 to 12 inclusive, exception of Precinct No. 10 (none) in order named. William Tiller, D. Turner, Allen G. Hagin, William E. Steel, Aaron Lowry, J. W. Northcut, E. Jeter, Wm. P. Anderson, J. R. Sweeton, W. P. Victory, and J. A. Watson.

J. W. Sweeton resigned and was succeeded by J. P. Metcalf, elected Nov. 4, 1854, Nathan C. Williams was elected. County Surveyor Aug. 6, 1855. William E. Cox was elected Sheriff March 3, 1856 and resigned probably after the general election of that year.

The results of election of August 4, 1856 are as follows: Irving P. Mason, Chief Justice; J. Handley Anderson, County Clerk; Jonathan H. Anderson, Sheriff; Elisha Williams, Tax Assessor and Collector; Samuel B. Darnell, County Treasurer; Nathan C. Williams, County Surveyor; Robert Fleming, Coroner. County Commissioners; John Thompson, John S. White, James M. Wynn, and I. A. Sullivan; the following Justices of the Peace for Precincts from 1 to 13 (both inclusive) in the order named: James M. Ramsey, Cornelius Crenshaw, Thomas J. Woodall, Gideon R. Adkinson, John T. Moore, J. K. Freeland, Jacob Moore, William H. Taylor, Roland S. Johnson, Stephen Allred, John M. Thompson, J. M. Jeter, Robert Jarman, William M. Thomas, Stephen L. McPherson, R. A. Craig, John S. Booty, William H. Darnell, James P. Victory, Josepheus McNeese, Joseph B. Sweeten, Francis Odum, Pressley M. Harrison and. Peter L. Johnson.

The names of the Constables are not listed for 1858 and 1860.

There seems to have been some irregularity in the Sheriff election August 4, as Jonathan H. Anderson did not qualify under it, but stood again. for the office and was elected December 37, 1856 and qualified January 7, 1857.

J. P. Victory moved out of the County and Robert Wyatt was elected to succeed him as Justice of the Peace of Precinct 11, May 16, 1857. A. F. Jordan and I. J. Banks were elected Justices on February 2, 1857 but members of Precincts are not stated.

Elected August 2, 1858: Drury Field, Chief Justice; James M. Ramsey, County Clerk; M. L. Higgins, District Clerk; Elisha Williams, Tax Assessor and Collector; Samuel B. Darnell, County Treasurer; 3. H. Anderson, Sheriff; N. C. Williams, County Surveyor; Charles Baker, Coroner. County Commissioners elected; J. R. Dickerson, Cornellius Crenshaw, Thomas J. Night, and P. M. Harrison; and the following Justices of the Peace for Precincts 1 to 14 (inclusive) two for ,precinct one, one for Precinct two, two for Precinct three, one each for Precincts four and five and two for each remaining in order named; Cornelius Crenshaw, Wm. S. Harris, Richard S. Halliburton, John S. Moore, G. B. Adkinson, J. R. Freeland, G. D. Fisher, J. R. Browning, E. Turner, B. B. Anderson, Thomas J. Woodall, Wm. M. Thomas, William Watson, R. A. Craig, Samuel T. Burns, Daniel R. Bradberry, Samuel A. January, J. B. Sweeten, Francis Odum, F. Donnal', W. W. Butler and John F. Fueller.



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