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Long Branch History 1936

A gin and mill with up-to-date machinery is adequate to meet the needs of the community. A depot sufficient to accommodate the service of the public and spacious platforms for cotton accommodations made this an important shipping point. Making a profitable business for the town.

A Methodist and Baptist Church had their origins at an early date. A new two story school building with proper lighting and heating facilities was built, to replace the old structure.

Farming, lumbering, stock raising and fruit growing have long been the leading industries.

Natural beauty made ideal locations for home building, Doctors that have served this town for many years are Dr. Roquemore, (deceased) Dr. George Turner, and the latest one is Dr. G. L. Smith.

In very recent years the railroad has been discontinued and many of the former businesses have been moved elsewhere.

The splendid citizenery still manifests interest and success in farming and fruit growing. A finer social atmosphere and ideals of progressiveness cannot be found in any of the larger populated communities.

Descendants of these enterprising people and earlier settlers have had success and honor conferred on them in many different vocations of life beyond their home boundaries.

This has always been a. county spot of interest—comprised from its very beginning of families of the true pioneer style and contributing in all phases of development of the county.

- History of Panola County, 1936


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