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Carthage History 1936

During the administration of Mayor Wooten positive action was taken in making modern improvements possible to be had. The first paved sidewalk was sponsored by the Circulating Book Club, this walk being from the corner of Violet Beauty shop to the depot. Sidewalks were built in all directions dining these terms of Mr. Wooten's; provisions for the municipal water supply was made and the installation of a splendid under-ground sewer system effested. Much work was also done on the streets, the city purchasing modern equipment.

Dr. J. A. Daniel was a most active and progressive mayor. A fire company was organized and a new fire truck purchased. The public square and main streets were paved. Gas was piped in from our own county gas fields. Mayor Daniel and his Commissioners purchased property to widen the street leading from Panola to College Street, known as Daniels Boulevard. He was instrumental in securing our well-lighted street service. These two mayors have since died, but their many contributions and unselfishness service are gentle reminders of two very fine citizens.

Mayor A. L. Davis, the present mayor, is "carrying on" splendidly, finishing some projects and doing other beneficial and needed things. He has beautified the Boulevard, placed a five foot walk in the center, and had much work done on the streets. Sidewalks have been extended, and his cooperation with school projects has been most valuable, making it safe for the boys and girls of Carthage to come and go to school. A new fire truck and fire station have been added to the city's possessions, while the most careful attention is constantly given to city sanitation.

The courthouse yard was landscaped by the Circulating Book Club, a thirty-year-old organization, a two-fold purpose club—literary and civic advancement. Mrs. C. C. Comer is the organizer of this organization with Miss Margie E. Neal a charter member and still retaining membership. This club has been the moving spirit in many of the most important civic and charitable movements of the town and county. The latest outstanding work is the building of a two story brick club house with gas, water and lights installed. The public rest room and club room occupy the upper story and the Panola County Relief office occupies the first floor. In the very near future the club is expecting to open a public library and a spacious woman's rest room.

Two late organizations of public interest are the Civic Club and the Lions Club. Mrs. R. P. Ash is the president of the former and Mr. Neal Estes, editor of the Panola Watchman, the latter. The Fraternal Orders are as follows: Masonic Lodge, Knights of Pythias, Woodmen, Odd Fellows, Eastern Star, and Woodmen Circle. The American Legion has a splendid Post here. The Boy Scout has a live Troup No. 209 with James Hendrix as Scout Master.

Brown's Hardwood Lumber Company is a great asset to the business interest of the town. They manufacture lumber and retail all building supplies over a big territory, realizing a yearly business of about $80,000.00. Another important business is the manufacturing of baskets, The Sabine Basket Factory, owned by Mr. R. P. Ash, has a. yearly out-put of 960,000 baskets, realizing about $90,000.00. This factory doesn't only supply all local shipping points, but supplies the needs of an extensive territory.



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