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Carthage History 1936

In later years Claude Pollard, who served his town, and county in many capacities, served his state as Attorney-General and in other offices. Our one-time local teacher, newspaper owner, and editor of the Register, Miss Margie E. Neal, was the first woman Senator of Texas ant is now doing an efficient work in the Federal Education department. The State Senate conferred many honors on her out of appreciation of her efficiency and sterling worth and faithful service rendered during her terms of senatorship. Now she is in direct line of a high promotion in her present field of activity. Time marches on.

So different from most old towns the city's plot is modern with most streets comfortably wide, and the parkways are beautified with native trees and evergreens, making "today's Carthage" a little city with all the finer attributes expected to culminate in time from the wonderful basic construction and ideals of the organizers and the "follow up" contributions made by descendants and new residents from decade to decade. In proportion to its populace there can't be found a more highly cultured people or more progressive, though conservative, business atmosphere, civic interest, loyal Christians, moral citizenery, wholesome and edifying social life, and universal interest in schools and city's growth.

Carthage offers many inducements as well as a hearty welcome and a warm friendship for all who "enter her gates" either for a long or short abode. With State Highways Numbers 64, 8, 143, 181, and 43 leading into this Carthage, Texas, U. S. A., making a ribbon-like stretch of hard surface, and beauty spots, and bountiful shades that nature has given so generously, makes touring in Panola County a joy. Birds fill our native forests„ live stock of all kinds graze the rich pastures and the fertility of the soil boasts bumper crops when it is possible for them to be grown. Lumbering and the gas industry add to the county's richness.

We are indeed fortunate to be served by the Southwestern Electric and Gas Company with Mr. J. C. McMichael, local manager and his efficient corps: and the Southwestern Bell Telephone Company with Miss Pauline Lacy manager and her sister Miss Charlcie her assistant. The public receives every possible consideration and courtesy. The Sante Fe Railroad doesn't only render a great service, but sees well to the civic appearance of its properties. Mr. F. A. Dulaney is local agent and manager, with years of courtesy and efficient service to his credit, and the Western Union Telegraph Company is served most faithfully by M. K. Ayres and John Martin, first and second tricks.

In a recent report concerning the "Better Homes of America" movement, our little city won national recognition, scoring in landscaping and; home modernization and building. The municipal water supply is one seldom, equaled. It is furnished by a deep well and the labratory test revealed it 100 per cent pure—"Via Aqua to Health."

The reformation from "country town" to "city like" began with the incorporation of the town November 13, 1902 under council form. Mr. John C. Whitney (deceased) was the first Mayor; L. W. Allred, City Attorney; and Councilmen, H. C. Pankey, A. S. Ross, J. L. Holt, George M. Burton, and Dr. S. A. Woodyard. Then the incorporation was voted off for a time, but soon this backward step moved forward. However, the commissioners' form was adopted and went into effect in 1913. Judge J. H. Long came forth again to serve his people in a new capacity—City Mayor. His commissioners were Messrs. R. P. Ash, J. W. Bird, and W. G. Banks, City Secretary. Other mayors that have served faithfully and efficiently are as follows: A. L. Ross, J. W. Bird, T. J. Wooten, who served several terms, Dr. J. A. Daniels, and our present mayor, A. L. Davis. Commissioners that gave and are still giving unstintingly of their time, business knowledge, and means are as follows: J. W. Bird, R. P. Ash, H. T. Hooker, Charlie Reeves, D. C. Hill, John Young, C. E. Moore E. C. Clabaugh, H. V. Halcombe, S. E. Matthews, and N. A. Hawthorne. Efficient and; faithful City Secretaries are Judge R. W. Priest, C. D. Lacy and B. S. Atkinson is the present acting one.



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