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Carthage History 1936

"Sam, Sprauls had a. ginger cake and beer shop on the corner now occupied by Jim Bird's brick building. He did his baking in a big brick oven on the street that passed Bert Bakers old house. These ginger cakes were a foot long and an inch thick. My! how my mouth watered for a mere bite.

"These were the days that fortunate was the girl that could boast of a store bought pair of stockings, but walked bare-footed almost to the church and then dressed her feet and walked in " Priscilla" style. No young man kept a young lady out nights later than ten o'clock. She wasn't considered a desirable maiden if she crossed her limbs in public or dared expose more than her toes and ankles. I've lived to see many, many changes, both good: and bad. May the time never come when my folks become too modern to meditate upon the old fashioned days with its ways."

Here our story takes up the reflections of. others. The first frame courthouse was built in 1850. The lumber was sawed with handsaws by S. T. Hooker, the father of H. T., V. D. and Bill Hooker, and Mesdames C. D. Lacy and A. L. Ross of this city and Joe Hooker of Beaumont.

In 1856 it was torn down and a. brick erected. In 1884 the contract for the present courthouse and jail was let to Dr. J. H. McDaniel and Mr. Bert Baker by Judge T. E. Boren and built during Judge J. H. Long's first administration. Some of the pioneer families are as follows: Lacys, Andersons, Darnells, Davis, Borens, Reeves, Fites, Chilcoates, Moores, Bakers McKays, Watsons, Hendricks, Rosses, Fraziers, Neals, Hawthorns, Hookers, Forsyths, Pollards, Chataws, Fikes, Longs, Snows, Alsups, Thompsons, Trabues, and Quests.

Mr. P. J. Hendrix built the house now known as the Central Baptist Parsonage in 1860. Mr. Tom Hull, father of Mrs. Henry Nelson, built the present John C. Brown residence in 1877, also the one now owned by Mrs. Jabe Parker. The residence now occupied by J. W. Grimes is the oldest building standing.

Carthage did her part in the Civil War. The first company was organized, with Capt. Craig, Thomas P. Hull, 1st Lieut., and A. J. Booty as 2nd Lieut., with recruits from the entire county joining, coming from these pioneer families listed and many others perhaps that we have been unable to learn about.

Miss Lucinda Williams, aunt of Mr. Harry Williams, presented this company with a flag, and it was accepted by Judge Fields.

There have been some incidents recalled and given that add color and portray most vividly characteristics of our pioneer women as well as men that were so vitally necessary to develop their country and their posterity that we might have the "riches of today." Judge Henderson Fike, father of Mrs. Lula. Woodyard of Woodyard Dry Goods Company, spent his first night in Carthage by a log heap at the old Snow House. It was in a dense woods, two log rooms that were once used as Judge DeBerry's office.



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