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Seguin, Texas


Seguin 1907. “Seguin is the prettiest town in Texas; at least of those we saw. It stands on elevated ground, in a grove of shaggy live-oaks which have been left untouched, in their natural number and position, the streets straying through them in convenient directions, not always at right angles. How wonderful that so cheap and rich an ornamentation should not be more common. The hotel is large and good. . . . A number of buildings in Seguin are made of concrete—thick walls of gravel and lime, raised a foot at a time, between boards, which hold the mass in place until it is solidified. As the materials are dug from the cellar, it is a very cheap mode of construction, is neat in appearance, and is said to be as durable, while protected by a good roof, as stone or brick.” - Olmstead’s Account in 1857, A Twentieth Century History of Southwest Texas; Chicago: Lewis Pub. Co., 1907, page 187


Seguin, TX 29° 34' 7.8276" N, 97° 57' 53.0172" W