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Seminole, Texas


Seminole History 1922. Seminole, the county seat of Gaines County, is located in the center of the county. In 1919 the Commissioners' Court authorized the issuance of warrants for the building of a modern, fireproof court house and jail building. This building, completed and furnished, will cost approximately $100,000. The town has a nice, modern school building. thoroughly equipped and sufficiently large to care for the needs of the town. The school has an enrollment of 125 pupils for the 1920-1921 term. Since the organization of the county the town has maintained a nine-months term of school each year, with a sufficient number of teachers to render the best service. There are three churches. three parsonages, one bank, electric light plant, telephone system, lumber yard and businesses of every description to the needs of the people.

In addition to the raising of cattle and hogs, corn, maize, kaffir corn, cane arid other forage crops, the experiments in the county during the years of 1919-1920 prove the county to be very fine for the production of cotton and broom corn. - History of Texas, 1922, by W. Barrett Travis.


Seminole, TX 32° 43' 8.3748" N, 102° 38' 41.676" W