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Lamotte W. Tyler    

L. W. TYLER  Should a large per cent of the publishers of country newspapers in this section speak frankly of the publications which they have patterned after in the typographical arrangement of their own sheets, the Decatur News, published by L. W. Tyler, at Decatur, would come in for a large share, of eulogy and praise. That Mr. Tyler is an artist in the arrangement of type and in the details of presswork is a fact that lies on the tongue of every person who has come to be acquainted with the Decatur News, and with the clean and excellent printing, of the News job office.

Lamotte W. Tyler was born in the town of Eaton, Madison County, New York. He learned the printer’s trade when a youth in the town of Coxsachie, on the Hudson, New York. He came to Aurora, Wise County, in 1877, to assume charge of a drug and grocery business, which had been conducted by a brother who had grown ill at his post. His brother’s death followed, and the business was conducted by Mr. Tyler until November, 1881, when he bought a newspaper plant and started the Aurora News. He returned to New York and married Miss Alice Cheritre, whose life and death is well remembered by Decatur citizens. About twenty years ago, Mr. Tyler came to Decatur and started the Decatur News, which has been conducted in the interests of the varied life of the community without change since that date. Subsequently Mr. Tyler was married to Miss Ruth Colgan, a most excellent young lady of Linneus, Mo., whose residence in Decatur has been marked by the cultivation of generous friendship and the perpetuation of her qualities of refined and winsome womanhood. Personally, Mr. Tyler is of a strikingly friendly disposition when once known. He has a cultivated, musical ear, which impels his attendance upon the musical interest and affairs of the town. As an editor he seldom writes unless he has something forcible and sensible to say, and this is said without waste of words or circumlocution. He loves the town of Decatur and her people, and wields the influence of his popular paper in behalf of their interests. Both himself and wife are closely identified with the social and church work of Decatur, and represent in themselves the highest type of the best citizenship of the place.

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