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Sarah Elizabeth Black Porter Lubbock    

MRS. SARAH ELIZABETH BLACK LUBBOCK, Wife of Ex-Gov. F. R. Lubbock, died at the family residence in Austin, on Saturday, the 9th day of August, 1902.

The funeral service was held on the 11th, at the home of the family, by the Rev. B. K. Smoot, who made on the occasion a feeling address to a large concourse of people.

The active pallbearers were: Jno. D. McCall, John G. Tod, Jno. O. Johnson, W. B. Wortham, W. H. Bell, and M. M. Johnson; the honorary pallbearers being A. W. Terrell, C. W. Raines, E. T. Moore, Z. T. Fulmore, and Graham.

A long train of carriages followed the remains to the State Cemetery, where they were interred with due Christian solemnity under the direction of Dr. Smoot. In conclusion the grave was, literally covered with beautiful flowers as the offering of friends.

Sarah Elizabeth Black was born of good revolutionary stock, in Spartanburg district, South Carolina. Her father, the Hon. James H. Black, was more than once a member of Congress from the Pinckney district, and her mother, Sarah Elizabeth Logan Black, was a daughter of Col. John Logan, an officer of the American Revolution. Her brother John Logan Black was Colonel of the First South Carolina cavalry regiment in Hampton’s Legion, C. S. A. Her sister, Mary Foster Black, married in 1861 Rev. James Adams Davies, a Presbyterian minister of York, South Carolina. At her death she left two sons, one living in that State and one now living in Fort Worth, James Davies.

The subject of our sketch married in May, 1864, the Rev. A. A. Porter, a graduate of Princeton, and then a Presbyterian minister. They came to Texas in 1869 and Dr. Porter became at once pastor of the Southern Presbyterian church of Austin, and remained in that relation till his death, in December, 1872. Soon after this sad bereavement Mrs. Porter with assistants taught a private school and later accepted the position of teacher in Mrs. Kirby’s school for girls called Alta Vista. After ten years’ successful work in teaching Mrs. Porter married Ex-Gov. Lubbock, then State Treasurer, in 1883, and retired from the profession. Mrs. Lubbock’s field of usefulness was now enlarged, and she took an active interest in various religious and patriotic societies and in all movements tending to the public welfare. It was Mrs. Lubbock’s persistent effort that induced Gov. Lubbock to undertake the memoirs of his long and eventful life. Later, after the manuscript was in a measure prepared, she engaged the services of C. W. Raines, once State Librarian, to arrange the matter and edit the publication. The plan of the work having been materially changed it took about three years of labor to get it through the press. And it is no more than the truth to. state that Mrs. Lubbock was the inspiration from start to finish of the publication which came out under the name of “Six Decades in Texas, or The Memoirs of F. B. Lubbock.” Many of the brightest paragraphs of the book were conceptions of her mind and written out by her hand.

Mrs. Lubbock was a good woman, being in church relations a staunch Presbyterian, descended from several generations of Presbyterian stock. She had a well trained mind and strong will power, and rarely ever failed in any of her undertakings. Exemplary in her domestic relations and social in her feelings Mrs. Lubbock left a large circle of friends to mourn her departure.

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