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C. C. Jones    

C. C. JONES. The face on this page is that of C. C. Jones, one of Wise County’s foremost business men, and the organizer of the wellknown and popular Jones Dry Goods Company establishments at Decatur and Bridgeport. Mr. Jones is a Southerner to the manner born, being the son of Eason Jones, planter, of Haywood County, Tennessee. He was born in Brownsville of the above county and state, March 25, 1849, and received a preliminary training in merchandising in his home town in the days of his youth. In certain other ways, notably as the proprietor of a grocery store for ten years and as a traveling salesman, Mr. Jones gained the knowledge and experience that has contributed to his modern success as a merchant. At the age of twenty-three he married Miss Anna Turner, daughter of John W. Turner, planter, of Denmark, Tennessee, who was killed as a Confederate soldier while with General Forrest.

Mr. Jones came straight to Wise County from Tennessee in 1889 and he and his large and interesting family have been identified in a large way with the commercial, social and political interests of the county since that date.

Personally Mr. Jones is of that type of man who ingratiates himself into the good esteem of his fellow citizens, per force of many attractive a n d aggressive qualities. He is affable, genial, kindly and humorous, and pronouncedly Democratic in politics. He concerns himself with all economical and commercial affairs that involve the development and progress of the county, and is regarded as one of the safest and most substantial of leaders and advisers. He stands for good citizenship, good roads, high morals in politics and a generally elevated community and commercial life. Lastly, he is inherently sociable and is a most pleasing and facile speaker and orator. The large dry goods emporium at Bridgeport is managed by Lawrence Jones, the bright and enterprising son of the subject of this sketch. The business at Decatur is conducted in a manner highly successful by Mr. Jones himself.

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